Cleaning & Restorations

At Fireworkz we have a long line of experience in dealing with old, traditional heating units. Our cleaning services breathe life into your existing unit; our restoration services brings your old, outdated fireplace to a modern and fresh unit.

We can remove your old fireplace, and either restore it or replace it for a new, modern appliance. Before, during and after we assess all aspects of your fireplace and chimney to ensure that you get the most suitable products for your building, your installation is carried out professionally and safely.

Chimney Sweeping

Ideally, your chimney should be swept at least twice a year when burning wood or bituminous house coal and at least once a year when burning smokeless fuels in order to ensure your chimney is in full working order.

Our services include a chimney sweeping service for older chimney breasts. Getting rid of old grime, soot and dirt from your chimney ensures it can be used efficiently for years to come. Our services is quick and easy and will have it fully functional in no time!

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